Wedding Favors Ideas

Wedding Favors Ideas



Coming up with ideas for wedding favors can be a trying task, especially at a time when your brainpower is being pulled in a hundred different organizational directions! From cookie wedding favors to carefully crafted items of sterling silver, the ideas for wedding favors appear endless. Here are a few suggestions to help you find the one for you from the myriad ideas for wedding favors available today.

Cookie wedding favors, as mentioned above, are a simple idea for wedding favors that won’t break the bank. Available in a huge variety of designs, from generic wedding themes to something more personal, cookie wedding favors add a jovial touch to your table settings. Cookie wedding favors are a versatile idea for wedding favors too – eat it now, or perhaps varnish it as a keepsake, the choice is up to your guest!

On the slightly more expensive side, sterling silver has proven to be an enduring idea for wedding favors. Whether you choose a special memento, such as a charm or keepsake shaped to fit a wedding theme, such as a wedding cake, or bride and groom figurine, or something useful, like a small mirror or other accessory, a sterling silver item is a truly timeless idea for wedding favors.

Possible ideas for wedding favors are as diverse as your imagination. Though traditional ideas for wedding favors include such items as a slice of the wedding cake, or boxed chocolates, your ideas for wedding favors can be as inventive as you would wish. From cookie cutters to personal care items, the list of ideas for wedding favors is endless.